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I have noticed some people have had issues with their SkyDrive Pro synchronisation when deploying Office across their workforce, not entirely sure of the reason but have found some posts that seem to have rectified the issues;

Below are the steps I have ran through to resolve synchronisation issues;


To begin try the first 4 steps to see if this resolves your issue.

1. In SkyDrive Pro select “Stop Syncing a Folder”

2. Delete the SkyDrive folder on the local machine

3. Clear all browsing history in IE

4. Use Disk Clean up to remove temporary files


If you are still experiencing issues please try the following, I would recommend an administrator complete these tasks if you are experiencing this as a regular user.


1. Ensure that any Office processes are not running, groove.exe (SkyDrive Pro), msouc.exe, msosync.exe, office library sync,…

2. Open Windows explorer and browse to



Delete all the contents.

3. Reconfigure a document library which you want to sync.


I believe this will resolve the issue, possibly a cache corruption causing problems with the uploading of files and stalling the queue, any comments or input, please post 🙂

Exchange 2010 and Outlook – Conflicts

Microsoft do not currently have a registered fix for this problem but there have been some instances where the below has resolved this.

I will post updates as soon as Microsoft have a fix for the issue. Feel free to comment if you get to this before I do.


Example –

22:45:33 Uploading to server ‘’
22:45:33 Synchronization of some deletions failed.
22:45:33          [0-130]

22:45:34        1 view(s)/form(s) updated in online folder
22:45:34        4 view(s)/form(s) deleted in online folder

I have found recently many people are suffering with issues with Exchange 2010 and their Outlook constantly creating synchronization issues. Although not exactly a major issue, this can cause users to become worried their data isn’t synchronizing with Exchange properly.

Microsoft have confirmed that this is not necessarily an Exchange issue

The first part of the resolution is to upgrade to Service Pack 3 – this contains a hot fix which resolves these problems.

However if you are running Blackberry Enterprise Server then you will need to apply the below fix;

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\Options 
DWORD: EnableConflictLogging 
Values: #(as below)

0 = Never save Modification Resolution logs 
1 = Always save Modification Resolution logs 
2 = Save Modification Resolution logs when a “critical conflict” occurs 
<This is the new Default behavior when the EnableConflictLogging dword does not exist.>

BES generates these logs consistently and as such can create a false-positive alarm to users.

This fix relates to disabling the modification logs so if you require a high-level of logging this isn’t recommended but on a small business environment this shouldn’t be a major issue.

Blackberry also recommend you look into the following Knowledgebase article by clicking here.

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