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The iPad OWA App

After the release of the much anticipated OWA app for iPhone and iPad, I decided to download and see if it ticks the boxes over the native iPad email client.

2013-07-19 14.10.27

Firstly started off with finding the app in the AppStore – as you’d imagine ‘owa’ in search pings it up fairly quickly.

From here I downloaded and installed the app

2013-07-19 14.10.56

Entered my email address and password – in this case I used my Office365 subscription for work emails.

2013-07-19 14.12.24

We’re then welcomed to the OWA app with a short swipe introduction into where buttons are and what we can do in OWA.

2013-07-19 14.13.18 2013-07-19 14.13.26 2013-07-19 14.13.32 2013-07-19 14.13.43 2013-07-19 14.13.49 2013-07-19 14.13.54

When we’ve gone through this we can select ‘go to inbox’ where we see a very ‘Outlook 2013’ interface, which in my opinion (admittedly after a little getting used to), is definitely the most uncluttered Outlook yet. Very clear and plain. Personally I’m not looking for a lot of clutter, the content for me is the most important, and emails are only as good as the content you receive. 🙂

2013-07-19 14.14.22

The nicest feature for me would be the bottom left hand corner button, which takes us to another ‘pane’ where you can select your Mail, Calendar, People, or Options areas. Having this on a separate pane certainly keeps with the clear and uncluttered look for OWA.

2013-07-19 14.26.092013-07-19 14.26.36

Moving into the calendar we’re met with another clear screen.

2013-07-19 14.27.08

People shows us our contacts and groups – I’ve used the groups as a screenshot as I’m sure my contacts wouldn’t want their emails available to all 🙂

2013-07-19 14.27.44

Finally options;

  • Allows Automatic replies
  • Change Time Zone
  • Email Signature
  • Set a passcode
  • Synchronise Contacts
  • (Terms and Conditions / Feedback)

2013-07-19 14.28.07

Another handy feature is the ability to go from a compact view to a full screen view just by clicking the ‘Goggle’ button.

2013-07-19 14.35.11 2013-07-19 14.35.17 2013-07-19 14.35.30

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of the OWA app for iPad, as you would imagine a very similar scenario for the iPhone app which I believe is only available to iPhone 4S onwards.

Any questions please comment and I will do my best to answer.


OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad

Not going to make a habit of pulling info directly off other sites, but this is an exception as a ‘news’ post as it involves iPad and iPhone which I’m sure many of you lovely people have.

I’ve had the pleasure of installing this on an iPad this morning and its extremely user friendly. So If you have an Office 365 subscription, get this app! 🙂

Extract from the Office 365 Microsoft Blog –

Steve Chew is a senior product marketing manager in the Exchange technical marketing team focused on Outlook and Outlook Web App.

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad, which provide even more value to organizations on any Office 365 subscription that includes Exchange Online.  OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad are mobile apps that offer the same email, calendar and contact functionality you get in Outlook Web App on the browser, but with additional capabilities that are only possible through native integration of the app with mobile devices.

Our goal is to help our customers remain productive anytime, anywhere.  This includes providing a great email experience on smartphones and tablets.  Windows Phone 8 comes with a top-notch native email client in Outlook Mobile, and we offer Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which is the de-facto industry standard for accessing Exchange email on mobile devices.  In order to better support many of our customers who use their iPhones and iPads for work, we are introducing OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad, which bring a native Outlook Web App experience to iOS devices!

OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad can be installed directly from the Apple App Store.  A subscription to Office 365 that includes the latest update of Exchange Online is required to use the app.1  If you aren’t already an Office 365 subscriber, you can visit www.office.com to learn more and sign up.

Reference –


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