When is a Small Business not a Small Business – Office 365

There are some scenarios where Office 365 for Small Business (P-Plans) do not fit the bill.

(In fact I’d probably go for the opposite approach, look for a reason why a company would need a P-Plan rather than an E-Plan.)

Some of the reasons for going to a ‘lesser’ Enterprise subscription (E Plan) would benefit a customer;

  • Need Active Directory Sync – Ability to sync/manage user groups
  • Need advanced archive capabilities – Email archiving for legal compliance
  • Need BES – Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Growing to >50 users – More than 50 PC organisation today or tomorrow
  • 24×7 Phone Support – Microsoft direct vs. community support

These are extremely important considerations to think about, the inability to upgrade from the P-Plan to the E-Plans is a key reason!

Although they are cheaper and offer ‘similar’ features, lower E-plans allow for growth by allowing bolt-ons of additional space if required and not having a restriction on the amount of users for a particular subscription. Does a 25 user company really want to be locked into a plan that has no room for growth? What if their product goes global? The idea of starting again wouldn’t be a welcome one for any business.

Pleased to announce……

Managed to pass the Office 365 70-321 – Deploying Office 365 today.

Over the next few weeks I shall be concentrating on getting as much information and content onto this blog in order to help people troubleshoot issues with Office365 and other related services.

Office 365 is here to stay so I’m extremely excited about having the opportunity to work with this technology from its early years and hopefully develop my skills.

Many thanks for all the viewers that have visited my blog so far, you have kept me motivated 🙂

Kindest Regards


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