ScanOST.exe / ScanPST.exe missing

The Inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe) is designed to help repair problems with Offline (.ost) and Personal Folder (.pst) files.

On occasion these can corrupt stopping you from viewing email completely, or simply having some emails go missing.


There is a scenario where this tool isn’t available to find through the normal avenues (Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office##)


To find and run this tool you can simply download the Microsoft Fix it as below;

For Microsoft Outlook 2013 click here

For Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 or 2000 click here


I hope you are able to recover and view emails using this handy tool from Microsoft.

Kind Regards


Remote Connectivity Analyser

Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a free connectivity test platform for the cloud-based service. It tests the availability of the required Office 365 SSO service endpoint for expected behavior by acting on those services from the Internet.

Is simply the best way to check issues with Office365, and to be honest any Exchange platform.

It has many features as show in the below screenshots





To verify that inbound mail, Exchange ActiveSync, Autodiscover, Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP), and other connections are properly configured, you should consider using the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer. The Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a Web-based tool that is designed to help you troubleshoot connectivity issues by testing your Exchange Online and on-premises configuration. You may want to become familiar at this tool in advance of your deployment to understand its capabilities and usage. For more information about the tool, see this TechNet article.

Additionally, if you already have ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere, and Autodiscover enabled in your on-premises environment we highly recommend you run through the tests provided with the Remote Connectivity Analyzer to ensure your on-premises environment is functioning appropriately.

Outlook 2010 – Unable to open hyperlinks in Outlook 2010 due to restrictions in place

I have just come across a strange issue this morning, when attempting to open a link from outlook 2010 a user will get the error message “‘This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator’.


A common cause of this is the removal of Google Chrome whilst it is still set as the default browser.


To fix this you need to:

  1. 1.     Reinstall google chrome and make it the default browser (restart outlook and check links work)
  2. 2.     Make IE your default browser (restart outlook and check links work)
  3. 3.     Uninstall Google Chrome
  4. 4.     Restart outlook and check links again.


Or run the Microsoft fix it –

Solution for Outlook 2010 “There was an error when printing started” Problem

Before you attempt the below fix please ensure that the Printer Spooler service is running and you are able to view the printers in the Control Panel > Printers


Close Outlook and delete the following file;



Restart Outlook and try printing again. This should resolve the “there was an error when printing started” error message.


This fix has been tested on a Windows 7 machine running Outlook 2010

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