What can Comms Group do for you? @commsgroupuk #solutions

After absolutely loving working for Comms Group over the past 12 months, I need to start asking some questions from my ever increasing contacts….

What can Comms Group do for you?

It may be a short answer, it may be a long one, but by messaging or calling me we can open a discussion on any projects or equipments needs. I’m not of the culture of hounding people, I’m a technical person, not driven by the closing end of month, but simply putting a solution that works, providing advice on the equipment that will fulfil a need and generally being a friendly ear to talk through issues and problems.

Providing a good level of customer service requires several ingredients

Comms Group pride themselves on customer service and I am a firm believer in listening to people, understanding what they are doing, or how they are doing it. This can then open up opportunities to improve performance, potentially save some money with an equal performance but cheaper solution, or simply seeing if we can piece together something from what is available. There is so much opportunity to make a difference to small and medium sized business, the slightest change can reap huge rewards for a company. The finer detail is how we operate, and ensuring our customers are provided the correct information so they can make a business decision based on facts and not a ‘Yes’ man that neither understands or cares to.

If you wish to call or message me, it’s entirely up to you, the offer is always open.

When you have the time, give me a call and we can certainly see…

What can Comms Group do for you?

About Stephen Pothecary
IT Professional and Cloud Evangelist! IT Manager at Comms Group UK Ltd - Managed Services | Solutions | Procurement | Support Services | Cloud | Fujitsu!

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