Microsoft Partner Enablement – Host configuration with Hyper-V

At this point of the seminar we began delving into the features of Hyper-V and the benefits this represents.

We began with the storage aspects of Hyper-V;

  • Support for iSCSI and Fibre Channel – Allowing integration with existing storage infrastructure/investments quickly and easily.
  • Multipath I/O – In-box for resiliency, increased performance and partner extensibility.

To elaborate on MPIO, this basically allows a host to have 2HBA’s/iSCSI NICs with multiple paths to the storage. If MPIO wasn’t installed the host would see two versions of the same LUN. MPIO allows Windows to manage and use upto 32 paths between storage devices and the Windows host OS. The host uses the in box Microsoft DSM to provide a single view, the framework for MPIO allows storage providers to plug-in, by default, and optimise performance and availability.


Offloaded Data Transfers – Offloads storage-intensive tasks to the SAN hardware.

To enable you to paint a minds-eye picture,

When migrating a host you will request the storage to copy the data across the network to another location, in this scenario with ODX, the host sends a token to the SAN to provision the storage for the migration but by copying it through the SAN itself rather than going out through the network and back into the SAN again. As you can imagine this scenario is a lot faster than the traditional way.

Other benefits include;

  • Rapid provisioning and migration of VM’s
  • Faster transfers on large files
  • Minimised latency
  • Maximised array throughput
  • Less CPU and network use
  • Performance not limited to network throughput or server use
  • Improved datacentre capacity and scale


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