Microsoft UK HQ – Cloud OS Seminar – Notes for afternoon sessions

Below are my notes from the afternoon sessions at Microsoft HQ – apologies for this not being comprehensive reading but unfortunately I haven’t had time to collate and probably won’t for the meantime. So I thought I’d share my notes with you so at least there is some content available πŸ™‚

Microsoft Cloud OS – Transform the Datacenter

Julian Datta – Private Cloud Workload Lead

Julian Datta presents Transform the Datacenter

Julian Datta presents Transform the Datacenter

Started off with a quick analogy with regards to BetaMax being the current datacentre technology

Complicated / Exhaustive / Reactive

Compared to the Sky+ of today

Self-Service / Productive / Efficient / Automated

Challenges of IT

  • Business
  • Short Lead Time
  • Mission Critical Demand
  • High Volume Of Requests
  • Business Users circulate the IT procedures


  • Limited Budget
  • Complex Environment
  • Evolving Threats
  • Technology Options

Hybrid Cloud –

  • Cloud options on demand
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Rapid response to business

Microsoft have product set to fulfil all requirements of the business – Azure/Server 2012/SQL/System Center

Ability to create a datacentre without boundaries – building a Fabric

Storage/Network/Compute – creating a fabric designed for the business.

Uptime/Performance/Low TCO/Security/Scalability

Exchange / SQL have been fine tuned for the Microsoft Cloud offerings to run more efficiently than any other product

Cloud Innovation – Microsoft stand by their products for use and use their own products religiously.

Access and Information Protection in the form of Active Directory

Storage – Improved Performance / Reduced Cost / Elastic Capacity

Networking – Multi-tenancy

Federated Identities – AD + Azure AD

Dynamic Application Delivery – Transformation adopts line of business applications

Collaboration / Line Of Business / CRM / Finance / ERP

Microsoft guarantee security – they build their products with this first on their mind – Microsoft want to addressΒ  the fears of new technology


People Centric IT

Susan Smith – Intune Technology Solutions Specialist

Security within mobile data

Users > Devices > Apps > Data (Old model)

Windows Intune – ability for mobile device management in the Cloud OS Suite

System Center Config Manager + Server 2012 + Intune = fully supported MDM and PC management system

Begins with the user – ability to work from any device – AD core part of this policy

Corporate and Personal Devices should include – corporate assets / Corp Policy

Self Service Portal

  • Native Application
  • Web Application
  • Remote Application
  • Native Application

Allows a single console for admins – consistent end user experience / unified across cloud and on-prem / holistic management and data protection

Two types of Windows InTune available –

Cloud based –

  • No existing SCCM
  • Simplified policy control
  • Less than 7k devices and 4k users (possibly will be increased over time)
  • Simple Admin console

Onsite based –

  • SCCM required and fully implemented
  • 100000+ devices / users
  • Will require on site server farm to accommodate large loads


Business Insights – Big Data

Paul Broomfield – SQL Server Workload Lead

Large Data Colves / Hardware and storage economics / multiple data types / user expectation / real-time data creation

Marketing data and its availability – immediate access is required in this day and age

Business Intelligence presentation at Microsoft HQ

Business Intelligence presentation at Microsoft HQ

Search/Find, combine and manage the data available

Types of data people need to manipulate – Structured / Unstructured / Streaming

Users want to utilise known tools – Excel (Pivot Tables / Power Pivot) / SharePoint

Data can be manipulated for finding events – relation to your business / customer / employees

Online search uses natural language – ask in English and it will do the math for you, ability to search for specific data.

CRM/DRP solutions from Microsoft will allow users to model the data and product results quickly

PowerMap – enables geographic data displayed on a live map – bring graphics to display and engage users with what the data is presenting

MS Data Platform – Creating a full solution with one vendor with known products and front-end access people understand.

BI and Analytics –

  • Self Service
  • Collaboration
  • Corporate Applications (Mobile and PC)
  • Data Search

Data Management and Processing –

  • Relational
  • Non-relational
  • Analytical

Example of this product / suite

Ability to analyse web data to find out who views what on the website. Particular search results and ability to adapt the website to cater for regular followers and capture new viewers by expanding this area.

HD Insights / PDW – software/apps available to use


Modern Business Applications

Philip Bull

Azure Business Development Manager

2.5 Billion people on the internet – 10 Bn devices which is predicted to double in two years

Β£110Billion cloud services – set to double by 2016

70% of current IT budget allocated to running existing applications

Existing apps rarely use latest technology

IT and developer skills tied to current environment

By 2016 more than 50% of application modernisation efforts will address business demand for enhanced functionality – not cost reduction


  • Multi-device
  • Rapid Lifecycle
  • Any data, any size
  • Secure and available

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