Microsoft UK HQ – Cloud OS Seminar #microsoft #cloudOS

Overview of Cloud OS

The vision associated with the whole ‘Cloud OS’ infrastructure and service is designed to address the following areas;

Microsoft UK HQ

Microsoft UK HQ

  • Social Web Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Live Data Feeds
  • Mobility

The idea behind Cloud OS is to address the above but it does so much more than that, looking at the services that are provided by Microsoft shows its ability to create excellent Cloud Services and using its own design to fully establish successful applications and infrastructure.

The Cloud services Microsoft provide include over 200+ well established cloud based solutions, these include;

  • Bing
  • XBOX Live
  • SkyDrive
  • Exchange Hosted Services
  • Office365
  • Skype
  • Lync
  • A multitude of other services covering everything from mobile devices (Intune) to fully hosted servers (Azure)

Microsoft were very keen to promote the idea of using Microsoft products on the journey to the cloud, by using Windows Server 2012 as the beginnings of a cloud journey. The particularly stressed the importance and ease associated with moving a Server 2012 Virtual Machine from on-prem to the cloud in Azure.

The idea was to create a platform that was consistent not only for the end users who utilise the ‘end result’ as such, but for administrators and the decision makers for the whole IT infrastructure of a company.

When I use the term ‘Cloud OS’, Microsoft defines this as some of its major products based in the cloud, as detailed below;

  • Azure – the platform of the cloud infrastructure sold as a service to utilise and scale as required.
  • Windows Server 2012 – The on-prem implementation of a virtual environment enabling fast transition and ease to the cloud.
  • SQL – Utilising data and enabling a data rich function to compliment the fantastic work of the Azure platform.
  • System Centre – enabling control and management of devices, users, profiles, software. This could be seen as the administrator’s hub for maintaining the cloud infrastructure and connected devices.
  • Visual Studio – For the developers of the world, this will enable excellent products to be released utilising the cloud, Visual Studio has been revamped for the cloud and as such will give the developers what they need to create fully functioning products for companies to utilise.
Microsoft know how to put on a good breakfast! :-)

Microsoft know how to put on a good breakfast! 🙂

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