Cloud OS – The Aston Martin Approach

English: Badge on Aston Martin

English: Badge on Aston Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Aston Martin Approach –

Presented by Daniel Roach-Rooke – IT Infrastructure Manager (Aston Martin)


As part of the Cloud OS day, Microsoft were able to bring in some of their success stories to further portray the ability to function in the cloud, today. This is where Aston Martin allowed us to see follow their progress and final result.


Between 2007 and 2010 Aston Martin were living in the dark ages, the Betamax of I.T infrastructure, yes it did what they needed it to do at that moment in time, but moving forward they were quickly finding that their infrastructure was severely outdated and their data was at quite a risk with lack of redundancy and disaster recover solutions – even more surprising, most of their data was never backed up!

From many stand alone servers, old and dated software and a company that was looking to improve itself greatly over the coming years, Daniel realised the challenges that he was facing with regards to turning this around and making major changes, and being able to scale with that growth, as well as getting major teams in the Aston Martin production line involved and on board. Something I imagine most companies will suffer with – it works, why change it?

Image representing Windows Azure as depicted i...

Image by None via CrunchBase


However, Daniel was able to utilise the cloud to bring these changes through, allowing a quick but smooth transition from the ‘Betamax’ of IT to the Sky+HD of IT infrastructure for Aston Martin.

Daniel implemented some of the following changes to utilise the cloud;

  • Office365 – Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint gave brilliant mobility and collaboration for offices across the world
  • SQL 2012 hosted on the Azure platform gave access to data, with a fully backed up, disaster recovered solution for their extremely important web and database data.
  • The Siemens team within Aston Martin were give a self-service Azure to provide them with test labs that they can manage and maintain themselves.

The numbers provided by Daniel showed the ability and class of Microsoft Cloud infrastructure – 300% boost to productivity. The ability to fully map a racecar in under 3 minutes other than the usual 9 it would take for onsite hardware.

Aston Martin also host their mobile Windows 8 app in the cloud, with this have given them greater reach to their fans and potential customers.

Another interesting concept that they found has worked for them involves Top Gear. When the likes of Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson are talking about the new concept or car by Aston Martin their web services used to be brought down, now their services are based in the cloud, the scalability of Azure allows them to simply use more resources from the Microsoft Datacenter, this has been a fantastic result and gives you a great idea of how this has improved the entire company as a whole, from Marketing, to the actual production process.

In the words of Aston Martin – “Power, Beauty, Soul”

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