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Having completed a little research over the past few days, I thought I’d collate the main benefits I have found of using Office365 for your business and as a home user.

Although there are many websites that state these benefits I have noticed that some are missed depending on the website you browse to. Hopefully this is a more complete list of benefits of using Office 365.


Generating greater productivity within your workforce – Making the end-user and administrator experiences of Office 365 the best they can, Microsoft have invested heavily in ensuring that processes are streamlined. Increasing the simplicity of day to day tasks has a huge impact on productivity and this is exactly what Office365 provides.

From anywhere, on any device – You are no longer tied to one PC to use and edit your documents. You are now able to effectively change from device to device with synchronisation of your documents through SkyDrive and a centralised store in SharePoint.

Enterprise-class Security and reliability – Microsoft has taken on a large responsibility for its customers data and as such you can be assured that Microsoft will prevent issues with your data. Their multi-billion dollar infrastructure gives you peace of mind and allowing your IT team to concentrate on moving IT forward rather than picking up pieces and fighting fires.

Familiarity of products – The good thing about Office365 is that there isn’t that steep learning curve when implementing a new product. Programs like Word, Excel and Outlook all look and feel the same so the transition is very similar to the ‘old ways’ but through the cloud.

Cost is unbeatable in like-for-like – The price plans available for the Office365 products cater for all levels of use, from a basic home user setup to a full on Enterprise SharePoint and Exchange solution. With that cost you haven’t got a reoccurring investment in new products, you will be kept on the latest version for as long as your subscription lasts.

Scalability generates new business – The benefits of a subscription based approach is that if you require a new user or even 100 new users, you can simply add them to your current plan (unless of course limited by the plan you chose originally, but even then moving to an alternative plan to accommodate these users is possible). This gives businesses a more rapid approach to growth and can accommodate new users without infrastructure or capital expense (Office Licenses) all at once.

Disaster Recovery built in – Office 365 with its distributed datacentre architecture provides excellent redundancy, this brings your data as close to disaster proof as possible. Microsoft financially back their 99.99% uptime claim, and continually look to improve this figure.

Thinking Green – According to reports, in-house server systems can consume more than 80% more power than a datacentre equivalent solution hosted by Microsoft. Each server removed from your in-house setup can save approximately 4 tons of carbon dioxide.

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