Office365 Additional Mailboxes / Permissions #office365

In order to get access to another mailbox you will need to set Full Access permissions, before Office365 this was found in the Exchange Management Console, however the procedure for this has changed with the Admin portal in Office365 (Exchange Online).
In Exchange Online services, these are the steps to get the Full Access permissions for Office 365 Enterprises users:
a. Sign in to your Admin Centre (
b. Click the Admin drop-down list in the upper-right and select Exchange.
c. In the mailbox page, double-click the mailboxes which you would like to have Full Access permissions to.
d. Select mailbox delegation in the left panel of the User Mailbox window.
e. Click the plus icon under Full Access and add your own account/the person who requires the permission (if Administrator).
f. Click ok and save.

Below is a screenshot the above instructions.


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