Office 365: To Federate or Not to Federate… that is the Question

Recent updates mean there’s more than adfs as an option. Top bombing for the small business

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Yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of their ‘DirSync’ utility ( which up until yesterday provided a basic ‘copy’ of your local Active Directory accounts (Active Directory Domain Service or ‘AD DS’) from your premises to the MS Cloud directory (referred to as ‘Azure Active Directory’) for Office 365 (and other Cloud apps such as Team Foundation Service (TFS Online).

This blog is written for those considering moving to Office 365 (or have moved to Office 365) but haven’t identified any other application in the organisation apart from Office 365 that requires Active Directory Federation Services and SAML/WS.Federation application authentication and protocol support.  Many of our customers have been ‘sitting’ on the fence when it comes implementing AD FS purely for Office 365 to achieve user ‘Same Sign On’ authentication.  With this new version of DirSync, Microsoft have allowed organisations to avoid AD FS, but achieve a ‘same username and password’…

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