Office 365 Retention Policies

Thanks to Matt Blaney for this ‘heads up’ with regard to archiving policies from an Exchange Server (on-prem) to Office 365. Obviously this will need to be enabled before the move to O365 on your on-prem, if you don’t have this enabled originally then you can move this forward with your retention policies in the cloud.

The main reason is that the retention policies created in Exchange are not migrated so this needs to be tallied effectively with your requirements on-prem.


When looking at/setting up Office 365 it has become apparent that the retention tags and the default retention policy include delete options. Its best to delete these tags and create a few choice ones such as 1 year move, the default policy can then have the tags changed to avoid deleting items. 

Even if a Hybrid mode exits it does not migrate retention tags and any mailboxes that are moved will be given the default tags in office 365 (potentially deleting emails).

In a standard situation users will not have archives when they are migrated to the cloud so it’s important to set these tags before enabling the archive feature for these mailboxes as well.

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