Introducing Office 365 – Product Comparison

When we talk about Office 365, we are looking at the following items;

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online

The scale of Office 365 is designed from a single home user to an enterprise environment and all the flavours of business and user in between.

Windows Live provides Office 365 for individuals and consumers, it is designed for personal use and is often free or very low cost.

Office 365 for small businesses is designed for small business and professionals, in an organisational environment whom uses an IT Consultant or has very little onsite support. The pricing is designed for small business with a low monthly/annual subscription to the service. It’s designed to be simple but perhaps shift small business into a more professional way of working using online services such as Lync and SharePoint. Support is provided through community forums which is a fantastic approach to keep the costs down for these companies.

Office 365 for enterprise is designed for any size organisation but gives a little more to the end user with regards to features. It is designed for customers who have Internal IT or an IT partner (such as Comms Group UK Ltd). Fully featured subscription with scripting and customisation available, the range of products is highly configurable to what your enterprise requires. Support is provided through 24×7 telephone support.

Below I have included screenshots of the plans from the Office 365 website, you can view these in more detail here

Hosted Email Plans

Hosted Email Plans

Compare SMB Plans

Compare SMB Plans

Enterprise Plans - Part1

Enterprise Plans – Part1

Enterprise Plans - Part 2

Enterprise Plans – Part 2

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