Downgrading 2012 Remote Desktop CALs to 2003 TS CALs

Activating 2012 Remotedesktop CALS on 2003 server

In order to do this you need to ring Microsoft on 0870 241 1963 option 2,3.

You will need to provide the license number and authorisation number which will be included on the license receipt.

They will require the terminal server ID which can be obtained by opening up Terminal server licensing (on the TS License server)

To find the server ID right click on the server name within terminal server licensing and change the install method to telephone


Press ok to the change, then right click on the server name and click on install license, press next on the first screen and this will give you the server ID


Microsoft will need this when downgrading the licenses.

If they advise you that the licenses do not exist then you need to wait for around 24 hours for them to appear on the portal.

Once they appear the Microsoft representative will provide you with a Key Pack which you type in the box shown above, this will then install the licenses

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