ESXi Firmware Error – Host Storage Status Alarm

Error details –

Host Storage Alarm Status

Host Storage

Host Storage

The 5.1 bundle includes a broken version of the AMS file, this is the Agentless Management system file which HP uses to communicate with the RAID Array. The HP build came with a updated version which worked but reported a failure to ESXi in version 5.0u2 and 5.1 and produces the flag you see.

HP released 2 updates for this which then became available to the public in April, the files are available here.

Vibsdepot is where HP put all their updates etc for ESXi.

The preferred way to fix this issue is to simply import these files in to the update manager and when you finish doing all the updates after your 5.0 to 5.1 upgrade the files install automatically and the error flag is removed.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to fix it through the CLI as it can go badly wrong, if you do attempt it this way ensure the file is on the LOCAL data store only.

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