Server 2012 Terminal Server License Server – Connection issue

There is a known issue for a server 2012 with an instance of RDS license server installed, but not allowing connection to a client.

The error message when trying to connect comes up with something like the following –


A look through the event viewer gave an event relating to the license server expiring its grace period even though it was fully licensed.


This is an issue Microsoft are aware of but as of yet have not realeased a hot fix.

If you come across this take a look at the following key in the registry (of the terminal server license machine)

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM

If a key called ‘Grace Period’ is present, this means the license service has not correctly removed this entry which will force the server to always run in unlicensed mode.

Simply delete the Grace Period key (obviously make a backup beforehand)

You may need to give permission to the admin account you are logged in as in order to delete the key.

The license server will then need rebooting but should allow the connections through after this.

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7 Responses to Server 2012 Terminal Server License Server – Connection issue

  1. Olivier Le Chaton says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this answer !
    I had exactly the same problem with my WS2012 RDS server, my CALs were activated and worked for 120 days then no remote desktop available! I deleted the registry key Grace Period, rebooted the server, and it works !!

  2. Lionel COUSTEIX says:

    Thanks for the detailled help.
    Howether, if this has worked for 2 of my 3 servers; one graceperiod registry key doesn’t want to be deleted from one serve. Any idea?
    Still tred to use elevated/Advanced rights in regedit.

    Lionel COUSTEIX

  3. thiago says:

    I did the procedure and the registry key “RCM\graceperiod” is back after restarting the session hosts servers, any ideas? WS 2012

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